Our proposals

The Council is in the process of preparing the replacement Local Plan 2013 – 2033. The emerging Local Plan seeks to deliver a total of 14,240 dwellings across the Plan Period, equating to 712 dwellings per annum (dpa). This is a significant increase to historic housing delivery targets in the local authority.

The proposal would deliver much needed attractive new housing on a brownfield site in a sustainable location.

The submitted proposals include the following:

New homes

  • 61 homes across six individual blocks, including:
    • 15 x one-bedroom apartments
    • 46 x two-bedroom apartments
  • 12 affordable homes (11 x two-bedroom apartments; 1 x one -bedroom apartment)
  • Most apartments benefit from private patios, balconies or terraces

Parking and access

  • Vehicular access to the majority of the apartment buildings from Malvern Road
  • Vehicle access to a single apartment building from St Peter’s Road
  • 84 car parking spaces, including a mix of allocated and unallocated/visitor spaces
  • Secure cycle parking for all residents
  • Pedestrian links throughout the site and the proposed widening of the existing footway on Furze Platt Road
  • Proposed improvements to pedestrian crossing facilities on Furze Platt Road
  • Internal refuse storage and adequate space for refuse vehicle turning

Design and scale

  • A design approach which responds to both the industrial heritage of the site and the surrounding industrial buildings, as well as the adjacent Furze Platt Conservation Area to the south west
  • The apartment buildings range in scale from 2.5 – 4 storeys depending on their position and site levels

Open space and landscaping

  • A large area of open amenity space in centre of the site
  • Extensive new landscaping across the site, including tree and shrub planting to frame the parking courts
  • Green frontages and new planting incorporated on Furze Platt Road, Malvern Road and St Peter’s Road, enhancing the local street scene
  • Private terraces and balconies for the majority of apartments
Proposed view from the corner of Furze Platt Road and Malvern Road

Masterplan approach

When designing the masterplan for the site the following considerations have been taken on board:

  • Ground level has been graded down from Malvern Road to the lower level of St Peters Road, at a 1:20 gradient
  • The site treated as an urban enclave, with inward looking perimeter buildings.
  • Site formed around a structured urban square with a central green.
  • Key space to conclude the viewing corridor into the site.
  • Building heights and aspects respond to the adjacent uses, environmental conditions and site levels. Main access into site from Malvern Road. Secondary access from St Peters Road.
  • Structured landscaping appropriate to an urban setting.
  • Key buildings fronting Malvern Road and Furze Platt Road designed to respond to the Conservation Area setting.
Design concept