Submitted plans

Ashill would like to thank all those who took the time to share their thoughts with the project team during the consultation process.

Ashill is encouraged that a significant majority (74%) of those who responded with comments are generally supportive of the principle of redeveloping this site with new homes, with several stating this would be an appropriate use of the land and would tidy it up.

Ashill has also taken on-board the comments raised by the local community wherever possible. Amendments and key features of the scheme include:


  1. The design of the buildings on the Malvern Road frontage has been amended to incorporate gable fronted red brick elevations, creating a more traditional street scene
  2. Reuse of ‘Maidenhead District Laundry Ltd’ lettering on corner building


  1. The height of the apartment buildings on the Malvern Road frontage has been reduced


  1. The total number of unallocated/visitor parking spaces has been increased to 23
  2. Under croft parking has been provided in the parking court off St Peter’s Road

Layout, open space and landscaping

  1. The apartment building at the north of the site has been moved forward (closer to St Peter’s Road) to increase the size of the public open space area within the site
  2. The building in the south-west corner of the site has been moved into the site to increase separation to Malvern Road and incorporate additional landscaping on this frontage

Footpath improvements and connectivity

  1. A footpath has been added between St Peter’s Road and the centre of the site, creating a continuous footpath link through the whole site
  2. The footpath at the Furze Platt Road frontage is proposed to be widened
  3. Improvements to pedestrian crossing on Furze Platt Road
Site layout